nyt_mentally-disabled-600x403If you live with someone you care for, you might find some behaviours challenging. They might stay in bed for long periods of the day, not wash regularly, smoke a lot or not take their medication. Setting out household rules that everyone agrees to can help. It can be hard to get this to work at first but it is important to not give up. Some ideas could be that everyone:

  • has to be out of bed by a certain time, for example 9.30am during the week and 11am on the weekend,
  • must wash at least twice a week,
  • is responsible for planning, shopping and preparing for meals,
  • has to clean up after themselves,
  • has to do their own laundry and clean their room.

Everyone in the household should sign up to the agreements. You need to think about what will happen if people don’t follow the rules. It is important cialisfrance24.com to stay calm but firm when you put the rules into effect and try to prevent arguments.

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